Best Employee Performance Tracking App

30 days free for 1 Year Subscription

Best Employee Performance Tracking App with

Quick & easy way to record and track attendance of your office and field employees.

30 days free for 1 Year Subscription

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ATTND: Employee Tracking app

Get a real-time view of your staff location and instant appearance via selfie– whether in the office or field. Managers can check Employee location from anywhere even when they are traveling.

Managers can check employees’ performance by tracking their tasks and visit details and generate payslips accordingly. Our app helps managers track different scheduling for each employee.

What Special About Us

We offer all the necessary features that will be needed if you want to manage your team’s outshine and inside activity from one place.


Attendance Tracking

  •  Track attendance with time, selfie, and location
  • Managers can choose their preference of having information on location and selfies for individuals 
  •  Check Real-time tracking of staff on your Phone as soon as the attendance is punched. Admin can check which employee is where and at what time with the distance covered by him.
Field Visit

Field visit track

  • Field visits can be tracked with time and location and necessary attachments 
  • Managers can see the visit feedback with work duration 
  • Field visit report will help manager to experience all data at a place 
Work Shift

Work Scheduling

Keep Track of all your employee Easily.

  • Employee shifts can be managed for individual employees
  • Managers can also view staff’s real-time check-in,check-point, and check-out time 

Employee payroll and pay slip

  •  Our app-ATTND help managers to calculate working hour and generate payroll automatically 
  •  Admin can export payslips and salary breakdowns in Excel and give them to all the employees 

Make it simpler

  • Managers can see attendance reports and export Excel with information like time, location 

  • User information is stored for unlimited time

  • All kind of user information is safe and secure

  • Managers can view real-time employee attendance

  • Managers can view employee attendance location

  • Menagement of Leaves is easy and hustle-free

  • All the reports are available in report menu


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We have all the necessary features in our attendance Software for employees, onsite workforce or students. Check attendance history effortlessly. Spot late comers and Early Leavers with equal ease.

Selfie Punch
Google Map
Time Counter
Task Management
Auto Report
Leave Apply
Offline check in
Field Visit

More tha 1800+ users around the world are already using ATTND actively

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200+ reviews

Security Simplicity Easiness

Best Employee Location Tracking App

After years of hard work, We are proud to bring in 2019.


Web, Android & iOS Support

Track time whenever you require a productivity record. Attnd is available on Web, iOS, and Android devices. The time you track will be synced in a web app.

Web Portal Easy Integration
Web Portal Easy Integration

Multi-Device Syncing

Android Easy Integration
Android Easy Integration

Multi-Device Syncing

iOS Easy Integration
iOS Easy Integration

Multi-Device Syncing

Stories From Our Customers

Here's what our customers say about our Attnd apps.

Get Ready to Be Surprised

Attnd is one of the best mobile apps for employee attendance tracking. It is a feature-packed app that offers easy and accurate time tracking solutions to its customers.

Friendly Interface
Friendly Interface

Using attnd is very easy. we use simple authentication and there is no hidden or useless features. Manager can start tracking their staff's activities instantly.

Extremely Flexible
Extremely Flexible

Attnd have flexible User Interfaces. We ensure that our apps work across a wide variety of devices, versions, orientations and locales.

Strong Encryption
Strong Encryption

We use Strong Encryption programs to store important data that needs a high level of security to protect it. We also use it to keep individual files.

Got Questions? Look Here

Got a question? We are Here to answer! If you don't see your question here,please drop your question on our contact page.

Can I see ATTND in action before purchasing?

Yes, we offer free trial for 30 days so that you can get the app experience before you buy.

What are the requirements for using ATTND?

No special requirement, you should have an android or iOS device.

Can I use ATTND on different devices?

Yes, Attnd is supported by both android and iOS.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial for 30 days.

How does ATTND handle my privacy?

We care for your privacy, we never disclose any information about our client to anyone.

I have an issue with my account

Don’t worry just go to the support section or let us know by email.

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